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The most conventional method of sink installation in India. The sides of sink are show banded to be in line with Granite / Concrete slab for installation. It gives strength to the sink and is most durable. The sink can be installed in number of ways. It can be placed on ledge created in granite or in concrete slab. It has by for the easiest method of installation.


Beeded Profile sink has been developed keeping in mind the growing market of modular kitchens in India and elimination of concrete slabs and use of lower thickness Granite has resulted in development of Beeded sink. The sides of the sink are banded 8 mm inside and pressed together to give strength to the sides for installation, as the sink is sandwiched between Wooden top and Granite . This gives elegant look to the kitchen.


UNDER MOUNT SINKS – are designed to mount beneath your counter surface. They are made in a number of different sizes - both round and oval - to accommodate your installation requirements. Undermounting gives the sink and surrounding area a much sleeker appearance. It prevents dirt from getting trapped around or below the rim and it is absolutely waterproof when installed correctly.


INSET sinks were traditionally of the inset type, that is, with the rim of the sink sitting on the work surface. Our inset sinks can be mounted on virtually any work top using clip and- bolt fasteners, which adjust to the thickness of the surface for a tight, non-slip fit. The sink is fastened to the work top from underneath, so no screws or bolts show. The inset design has a small rim to stop water spilling onto the work surface. Some inset sinks can also be undermounted using special undermount clips.

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